Cell Boosters

AD Systems offers a cost effective and FCC-approved in-home wireless solution to regain or vastly improve your cell phone and data coverage. Our signal boosters work with all major phone carriers and do not require individual phone registration; it is an invisible, seamless system.

How it works:
By locating the smallest of cell phone signals (that may be useless to your phone under current conditions), our installation engineer will lock into that signal. Our system will then amplify that usable cell and data signal for you, your family and guests. This system does not require an Internet connection, unlike some alternatives on the market.

Advantages of Cell Phone Signal Booster:
Our cell boosters amplify signals from multiple carriers
at the same time. This is important if you have guests who use different cell providers or have 4G data access.

As an installer, there are several factors we must take into account when carefully placing these devices in your home, such as materials used to construct your home or surrounding landscape which can shield or block the cellular RF frequencies. As long as a small usable signal can be located from your home or office, our wireless in-building solution will work for you.

AD Systems Integrators is an exclusive dealer for this great new product, and we have installed hundreds of these around the Hamptons and the East End of Long Island. We live here too, and are familiar with the problems as we deal with them on a daily basis. These high quality systems are affordable, reliable and hidden out of sight.

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